The redemption of humanity explained book#1


the negative side

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The redemption of humanity explained

By Lynn Garner

There’s a great need in the world today for a comprehensive, clear, precisely written explanation of just exactly what happened in the work of redemption. There are many place in scripture where Christ is “proclaimed”. Jesus Himself told His disciples that He was going to be scourged, crucified, and on the third day rise again. That sounded simple enough, but they could not understand what He was saying, they did not have what it took to understand this simple truth. Jesus said to the disciples that they could not bare what He needed to tell them. What were the things He needed to tell them? they were the things concerning His

redemptive work .

Unlocking the keys within


you may have a power within you that you don’t even know is their.

This book will help you understand where the kingdom of God is, what it is, where it is, and how to tap into its unlimited power.

what is man,

spirit, soul, body


what is man

This book explains the three part of man. And shows you through the understanding of the redemptive work how to get them to work together as they were created to do.

CHILDREN of light

children of light photo

you just may be more than you know you are

This discusses in detail what it means to be a Child of light and not of darkness.


was adam really the first human god ever created?

This book will challenge your thinking, it will show you just exactly where the first Adam came from and what he believed that caused the transgression.