About The Pastor of Ascension Life Christian Fellowship

Pastor Lynn Garner

Here's just a small sampling of some of our outreaches as well as some of our church programs and teams .

our outreach touches both locally and worldwide


We have had so many amazing opportunities to share God's favor with the world throughout the 30 plus years of ministry. From Africa to Canada to England and many more places around the world. Please check out our missions links to help give water to thirsty people in Africa. We work closely with Bobby and Nicole Tucker go check out their website and see what they do and become a part.

Sharing Christ locally and across the country


We are primarily a local Church dedicated to the needs of our local community. We have been part of the Danville community for over 30 years. Our service times are Sunday10:30am. Children's Church follows praise and worship. We broadcast live on Facebook every Sunday and when the opportunity presents itself we will share the word across the country.

It was evident even as a child that Lynn had a heart for God. He has dedicated his life to sharing the good news of God's amazing favor to his generation. his unquenchable desire to know the truth has lead him to grow in knowledge and in knowing the Father’s heart in ways He only dreamed possible. A recording artist, author, public speaker and spiritual counselor and Pastoring has allowed him to help many people make advances in their understanding and relationship with God. His simple teaching style will keep you Engaged and informed. He has traveled extensively sharing the love of Christ.


books, teaching cd'S, newsletters, downloadable lessons, music, study guides and much more

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Everything we do at Ascension life is to help you understand what happened when Jesus Christ came and redeemed man. It’s a greater work than many have seen before.

Check out our YouTube channel


You can watch Dr. Gary Garner on his YouTube channel. Our vision is to have YouTube channels dedicated to every age group. Please read the "Take action" page and see how you can help make this happen. Ascension Life bible school has great class's taught by Dr. Gary Garner.

our local community is the heart of what we do


Ascension Life is a local Church with a vision that reaches the hungry and hurting of our local area. We help feed the hungry when called on to help. We have helped many with addiction issues and are dedicated to our local law enforcement community with support such as feeding and praying for our local police and fireman and EMS and military. We believe being involved in the community is very important to revealing Christ to our friends and family.